Brie Brulee with Fig Jam on Toast


I grew up on white bread toasted with Kraft cheese singles and a dollop of ketchup for sweetness.  I would eagerly wait for the cheese to bubble up in the toaster oven and puff into a bronzed dome.  Brie brulee is my gourmet take on this childhood favorite.  The blow torch further caramelizes the  melted cheese to add a smoky flavor.  Fig jam adds sweetness in this very classic pairing.


  • 2-3 half inch slices of brie, enough to cover a piece of toast
  • 1 tsp fig jam
  • 1 slice whole grain bread


  1. Spread fig jam on sliced bread
  2. Lay brie over bread
  3. Toast for 5 mins until cheese has melted but bread not burnt
  4. Using a blow torch run flame quickly over cheese to caramelize
  5. Serve immediately

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